Life should be an adventure for everyone

Assistive technology specialists providing training, advice and resources to people with complex additional needs.

Assessments & Support

Therapy & Training Space

Games & Resources

Accessible games for learning and play

Over 40 and counting accessible learning activities and games designed to make teaching and therapy easier and more effective! 

So simple to open and use for teachers, therapists and parents supporting children and adults who have complex additional needs. 

No training required – simply open and play with your accessibility switches, eyegaze camera, touchscreen or mouse!

Large indoor and outdoor communication boards with PCS Symbols from TobiiDynavox.

Designed using the popular PCS symbol language and constructed by experts in the alternative and augmentative communication field, communication boards enable quick communication to anyone when out and about in the community – whether at school, in town or at the hospital or library.

About The Apogee Project

We empower individuals with complex additional needs to be more independent, creating inclusive and supportive environments where everyone can thrive.