We run workshops and activities

incorporating assistive technology for

Communication & Interaction

We want all our guests to be

ACTIVELY involved

in their learning and

social experiences with us

no matter

how profound their difficulties.

It starts with a few sessions with one of our

assistive technology experts

to find out how someone may already use technology

and/or how that may be improved.

We’ll look at technology such as…



Sentence about Eyegaze
Head Tracking

Head Tracking

Sentence about Head Tracking
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Sentence about Virtual Reality
Switching Together

Switching Together

Sentence about Switching Together

We’ll then support people to

use and develop their skills

across our workshops and activities.

Everybody has a

technology and communication profile

developed that we

continually evaluate and develop

as required.

Our groups are kept small so we can

fully focus on each individual.

We’re always looking to source

new technology resources

that will enhance our activities and support our guests

to be more independent.

Come and join us!