About Us

The Apogee Project is all about empowering people with complex needs and impairments to be more independent and to have greater opportunities to engage in meaningful and challenging activities with the help of assistive technologies.

We believe everyone has something to say and the right to interact with their world. We want to make this a reality no matter what the situation.

We work with individuals, schools, hospitals and care services to consult, train and support the person and the team around them. We want to help empower people to demonstrate their learning, understanding, wants and needs. We like to work closely with the multi-disciplinary team around a person to help them to reach their full potential and set new and exciting goals.

We run an independent assistive technology assessment service and are not affiliated with any individual supplier for this service. We ensure that we always work with the latest and most effective technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for people.

Receiving assistive technology, whether it be a voice output communication aid, specialist computer access equipment for sensory engagement or more advanced computer control, is often just the start of the journey.

Appropriate resources need to be prepared and a person will often need intense support to develop their understanding and use of their technology. That’s where we can help. We offer assessment, training and on-going support to the people and their support team.